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Addison TreeHouse

Founded by the Town of Addison and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (aka The DEC), the TreeHouse is a resource centered co-working space focused on providing aspiring entrepreneurs with education, programing/events, and mentorship, all of which are vital for the growth and sustainability of businesses. Born from a shared vision among small business and entrepreneurship advocates, the TreeHouse believes an investment in entrepreneurs is an investment in the community.

The TreeHouse serves entrepreneurs in the North Dallas area, providing an innovative space that combines the benefits of a vibrant coworking space and the resources of the Addison Economic Development Department. Our aim is to encourage and equip the entrepreneurial community to start, build, and grow their businesses, as well as offer training, education, mentorship, promotion, and community. With regular events and speakers, access to mentors and advisors, and a clean energetic workspace, the TreeHouse is the perfect place for you to grow.

The DEC has built a business support structure focused on stimulating job growth and driving the Dallas economy”

From creating jobs to triggering economic growth and generating local revenue, the value of startups can be seen in communities across the country. However, for the majority of entrepreneurial hopefuls, reaching a point of success is not without its challenges. The TreeHouse helps remove those challenges by blending valuable online and offline resources and events/programs in a much-needed physical presence to deliver direct access to the resources, education, and guidance needed to make startups successful and economic growth in Dallas achievable and sustainable.

The TreeHouse is a collaborative coworking environment brimming with experts and thought leaders from major corporations, investment groups, academic institutions, and government entities. Through mentorship, in-person training, and financial assistance programs, The TreeHouse gives entrepreneurs access to leaders who have the resources to support their business goals and the personal knowledge and experiences to educate entrepreneurs on what it takes to launch, manage, and grow a successful business.

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