Our members come from various industries, experience levels, and backgrounds. These are some of the brightest visionaries and most courageous citizens in our community. We work hand in hand with our members to help them move their businesses forward. The Addison Treehouse works with its members to provide the tools and resources necessary for success. We are not interested in just renting our members a desk, but rather in helping them actively start, build, and grow their businesses to find ultimate success.



Our goal is to meet you where you are at and help you move to the next level. Below are a list of the current amenities you can expect when you join as a member of The Addison Treehouse.

Mailbox Access


Connect With Major Tech Companies


24/7 Access to Office

Printers Available

Free Notary Services

Break Room

Dog Friendly

Phone Call Rooms

Conference Rooms

Coffee & Drinks

Access to Parks and Trails

190 restaurants within 4.2 miles radius

Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce

First Year Free – $350 Value
Certain plans only



Determine the best plan or pathway to success. For some, that means starting at a Virtual Member level, and for others that will mean moving into the space full-time, where we can be more actively involved with helping your business grow. This could include introductions to revenue producing partnerships and customer relationships, or connections to key funding sources that will take your company to the next level.


$75 Per Month

Get A Business Appearance At A Small Monthly Price


$200 Per Month

Good For One-Person Shops, Freelancers, & Consultants


$300 Per Month

Good For Young Companies Who Need a Space For Collaboration & Client Meetings

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