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Good for young companies who need a space for collaboration and client meetings.

Starting At $300 / Month
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A Dedicated Membership includes 24/7 access as well as full access to The TreeHouse Member Benefits. This is perfect for entrepreneurs who are committed to building their companies full-time and making sure they are able to explore all of the benefits available to them, with access to the entire network of locations available through The TreeHouse (including The DEC and Capital Factory). Let us help you find your next customer, connect with strategic partners, raise the necessary capital to grow your business, and promote you to the media as your company grows.


The Dedicated members at The DEC have seen great improvements from adding new paying customers, striking key strategic partnerships, and raising necessary funds to grow their business.”

This membership level is where a member gets the most out of what The TreeHouse has to offer.  We have been able to help raise capital for our members, get them placed in key media publications, and introduce partnerships that make our members profitable. Please check out a few testimonials from past members of The DEC and TreeHouse.

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