Project EDU: Snagging Sales From Your Competition

Most entrepreneurs either have never paid to market their website because they’re scared of failure and the consequence of wasting money, or they pay for traffic but fail miserably at converting the campaign into sales. Those who fail do so for one reason that I’ll address in this session.

Correct target and testing methods can increase the conversion rate of landing pages as much as 300-400% percent. In this ProjectEDU lecture, you’ll learn Brice’s secret 6-step formula for creating a high-performance landing page that creates the Unfair Advantage, an opportunity that rivals are going to have a hard time competing with.  He’s also going to show you how to focus your ad dollars on hyper-targeted campaigns intended to snag prospects looking for alternatives to your competition.

‘Snagging Sales from Your Competition” is part 5 of an entrepreneur education series. Click here for a subscription to the ProjectEDU series. Take advantage of a $1 offer for your first class when you sign up for this recurring event subscription!

The DEC has developed ProjectEDU as a part of our offering to entrepreneurs within our network to help teach entrepreneurs how to effectively start, build, and grow their businesses. After going through our education process, the next step will be to get involved in the DEC mentor program (dubbed White Board Sessions) to help leverage the background, experience, and expertise of our mentors. Why would you ever turn away help from someone who has been through the same experience that you have yet to encounter? It is through the experience of our mentors that DEC members have the opportunity to avoid obstacles that can prevent entrepreneurs from succeeding.

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